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Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Astaghfirullah. Simple words, but great meanings and best rewards.


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Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Astaghfirullah. Simple words, but great meanings and best rewards.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hawthorne, Peter (2001, 10 December) ‘Drugs or guns’. Time Magazine, page 54-55

The article focuses on the rising issue in South Africa that is drugs or guns. The drugs are symbolic for medication that is to prevent HIV positive among pregnant women and guns is symbolic for military reaction. The article covers on the government who have to contend with two controversies that just won’t go away, arms and AIDS. Lately the South African legal teams were locked in a battle with the non- governmental arms reduction organization. The government does not show their effort in preventing HIV positive among pregnant women in South Africa. The government invest a lot of money for weapons but not on medication, which is the content on these articles. The aspect that I think found valuable or difficult is from perspective because it is all about the stance taken from the writers, and sometimes, we did not know what actually the stance of the writer. In this articles, the stance from the writers is negative and condemn the government and describe the issue specifically to the two legal cases that been faced by South African government.

The stance is negative towards this issue because it clearly shown by the fact that South African government misused the power that been given by the citizen by using that money in illegal way and involved in corruption. The government also forget about the welfare of their citizen. The article condemning the government as “irrationally and constitutionally” by refusing to heed the plight of poverty-stricken South Africans. The article also condemning the government as worse than assassins.

Hawthorne describes the government as those who take advantages with the citizen trust by using their money to buy weapons. For instance, in passage shows that A.N.C chief official Tony Yengeni faces for allegedly obtaining a cut- price Mercedes an arms- deal- linked firm. The government position the government as more badly than scams because their action that using the public money for their own benefit.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Based on articles, Dieting: A waist is a terrible thing to mind is about the experience from the writer, Martin Selingman. These articles can provide them with the clues to the solution of their problem. In Dieting, the information that I find interesting is people who are concerned about their weight. For examples, the young women are universally concerned with their body image. They actually normal in weight, but they are terrified of becoming fat. So they diet, exercise and also take laxatives. Thus, all can cause bulimia which is a natural consequence of all self-starvation to lose weight, in the midst of abundant food.

Actually, weight loss products simply do not work. People said that if we take weight loss products, oue weight will be decreased, but it is not true. Because, in these articles stated that, Seligman cites a number of impressive studies that agree with this statement. These products also gain weight, each time making further weight loss more difficult and also have health problem such as bulimia, depression and others.

Besides, a myth of overweight is also interesting for me. It is some myths that people believe it. Such as have ‘ideal’ weight in order to live longer, overweight people overeat, and overweight people have an overweight personality. All this a re wrong actually. For examples, physical inactivity is a major cause of obesity is one of myths of overweight. It is probably not, because fat people are indeed less active than thin people, but inactivity is probably caused more by the fatness than the other way around.

In these articles, there has a concept for me that am difficult to understand which is concept off The Right Treatment. These concepts provide a weight loss Summary Table. For me, it is hard to understand what the table is about. Overall, for me, this articles Dieting is very important to people because it give many benefit if read it.

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